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    Hi all, read this in today's news, and really put things into perspective. Straits Times 23 June 2003

    Blindness doesn't stop photographer

    VILNIUS - Photographer Remigijus Audiejaitis has little use for the intricacies of lighting.

    What is important to him is the sound his subjects make, whether it is the laugh of a shop girl or the clinking of coffee mugs.

    Mr Audiejaitis, 30, a photographer for four years, has been blind since birth. 'I take my automatic camera out when I hear something interesting happening around me.'

    Mr Audiejaitis, who is studying Japanese at Vilnius University, has staged several exhibitions in the Lithuanian capital, drawing many to see his pictures which focus on the daily life of this 700-year-old city.

    Sightless, his hearing is attuned to the slightest change. And so, it seems, is his intuition.

    The sound of a woman laughing brings him to a screeching stop. He takes out his Kodak and points it in the direction of the girl's peals, firing off four shots.

    'I don't take too many pictures. The sixth sense tells me when to use the camera,' he said. -- AP


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    too bad they didn't have any of the pix he took in the article.

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    I've got that Mamiya P&S he is using
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