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    I was wondering if anyone tried Kenko Pro1 before? And whats the difference/how much the difference between Hoya Pro1 and Kenko Pro1 since they are both the same company?

    B+W is kinda out of my budget even though i know how good is it!

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    I'm using Kenko Pro 1 digital UV and CPL for my 77mm lens. Hmm, i actually was looking for Hoya Pro 1 digital series initially. But James from TK recommended me the Kenko series. Tried and i feel, it's quality is almost the same as the Hoya Pro 1 digital series. But maybe i am a layman at it.

    The Kenko Pro 1 digital UV cost 60 sgd and CPL cost 130 sgd. Note, the CPL is the slim version which i feel is worth it compared to the Hoya CPL (non slim and non pro 1 digital) version which the AP sales man (my usual sales man not around) quote me at 105 sgd.

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    There is confusion whether the Kenkos are the same as the Hoya Pro1Ds but as Yapster said the Kenkos are thinner (great for wide angle lenses).
    I called John 3:16 up looking for a CPL and Samuel recommended the Kenko Pro1D over the B+Ws.
    If only there was a test for people to see the differences between different CPL makes?

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    all Pro1 series whether from kenko or hoya are the slim type.

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    i thought they belonged to the same company..


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