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Thread: buying audio CD online.

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    Default buying audio CD online.

    beside amazon, where else can we buy ?

    I amy looking for years (4 years above) for the below items:

    1: mourning widows

    2: mourning widows : Furnished Souls For Rent

    the above items cannot be get in Singapore (ouch). dunno why. i think because backstreet boy or anvil something's albums are more sellable . they don't want to bring in the above items and cover with dust.

    anyone got any tips?

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    Have you tried ordering it from Borders? They carry some very obscure titles now and then.

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    Have bought twice b4 from this online store as nowhere in the world have the albums i wanted.. have to pay more cuz its in pounds but no choice lah.. wanted the items badly..

    btw, ur item >

    the price is shocking though..

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    Originally posted by charvy

    the price is shocking though..
    exactly, 2 CDs for Sin 100 over dollars !!! really obscure man.
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    well... for local stores, try gramaphone?
    their online store...

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    Originally posted by SNAG
    well... for local stores, try gramaphone?
    their online store...
    don't have.


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