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    Hi Guys,

    I'm going to Tokyo on the last week of May for 5 days. I have only 1 day of own time/own target. Any suggestion on where to take pictures for such short time? By the way, I will be staying at Shibuya. Or please let me know also if no need to waste time bringing the cam


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    Bring the camera. Tons to see and tons of photos to take.

    If one day. My suggestion.

    Start the day early at 5am. Head to Tsukiji Fish Market. After exploring the market and eating sushi, it should be around 8am. Head to Ginza and check out the window displays, after which you can head to Roppongi and check out the museums and the street art. After which a quick lunch and head to Ameyoko at Ueno, its a street market. Either that or if you are into electronics, head to Akihabara, Tokyo's Sim Lim. Get to Harajuku by 4pm and check out the students and young street culture, then at night head to Kabukicho at Shinjuku to see the "other side of Tokyo" However at Kabukicho if you are alone, please don't go drink at the bars there. You might get drunk and robbed. Tokyo is a safe place but Kabukicho is still the redlight district after all. Then after all that take the yamanote line and one stop away is Shibuya.

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    In addition to that, do check out Hachiko Statue, the loyal dog, next to Shibuya station and snap some pics of it. Check out the 100Yen shop, much like the $2 dollar shop here.
    Shibuya is a good place for street pics with many colorful dressings and characters. One such place would be the Shibuya Crossing, world's busiest crossing, snap some pics there as well.

    While you're at Akibara (ota-geek ville, a step from Shibuya) you can't miss Electric City just around the station and shoot some of it's local culture such as the multitude maids passing pamphlets to promote the local stores and maid/butler cafes. But of course do be aware some of these maids are actually male cross dressers. The electronic gadgetries there are mind numbing.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time being shocked, facinated and amazed by it's diversed local culture!

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    Thanks guys.. it won't be enough to see Mt. Fuji?

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    I don't think so. It takes 4 hrs (or was it 6?) by bus for a round trip. (Depends on where you wanna drop off) Plus, if you wanna hang around, it's gonna eat up into your time. Also, Mt Fuji is quite elusive. You'll be lucky to see it on a clear day. Last time I went there, a typhoon passed by...

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    Just to tag along. Is it safe/convenient/normal to jog on the streets in the morning in Tokyo, just like in Singapore? Thinking of bring along my running shoes when I travel there later part of the year.

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    Safe to jog... Tokyo is a pretty safe place. So far the only horror story I heard was from a friend that passed out after drinking one glass of beer at a bar. Woke up in a police station lockup with everything on him gone. Basically he was drugged.

    But then the bar was one dodgy one anyway.
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