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    Guys i need ur help cos im currently trying out some new styles for sofa shots i have 3 set of style in mind which do u guys like more? I took some pictures for u gusy to choose

    this method of processing is more clean classy attention to the detail kind of sofa photography(thats my sofa btw)


    i used a style similar to lomo editing to bring out the musculinity and muscle texture in the black leather(this is my dads sofa)


    for this i use a little mroe saturation to bring out the vibrance and a close FD to bring out the size fo the picture(my dads sofa in his study room)

    the next one is sofa 2 processed to look arty u guys can ignore this

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    good stuff
    although the classic sofa should have the warmer feel to it
    the modern sofa's should have clean white light
    sofa 3 the there are quite alot of blown highlights although i kind of like the feel your getting at
    im no pro but i do watch t.v
    any sofa add always had there modern furniture with clean white light on a white tiled surface with some reflection
    while the classical sofa you can play around with it, try make it warming to the viewer
    just my sayy

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    I actually do not know how to professionals do their actual shots very minimal processing more like spending more time on settign up the strobe lights and positions

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    ARe u in the sofa business? Any progress on your sofa photography? I would like to do some shots as well.

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    there's a very obvious (and unpleasant) colour cast to your pictures..

    that aside.. i think to take pictures of furniture there's a need to include elements of the environment that it is in.. like maybe a vase or glassware or a photo album on the coffee table.. or a cushion or two.. and maybe to even be more bold and include more elements (say frame the sofa together with the living room it's in)..

    pic 1 might have worked on its own.. but the curtain spoilt it for me (together with the yellowish lighting probably caused by you bouncing light off a yellowish ceiling or your white balance was off)

    pic 2, 3 and 4 feels too tightly framed..


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