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Thread: Anyone uses GIMP?

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    Default Anyone uses GIMP?

    Hi all,

    I know PS is the prevailing champ for photoediting. But does anyone here use another software? My friend was egging me to use GIMP. anyone has tried it before?? Comments?


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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    I have it in my comp in a zipped folder. If I'm not wrong, I downloaded the trial one. Idk if its good so I didn't open up t try. I heard it is something like PS.

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    I'm using it at my office. Mainly to resize photos to send to my my vendors. Not too bad for a freeware.

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    I'm currently using it for adjusting color levels and curves. I hardly use the advanced PS techniques for my pics.

    It's an open source software, so it's free for anyone to download and use.

    It works well generally, however there are a few number of tools that are available in PS is not available in GIMP. You can think of it as a slimmed down version of PS that looks ugly..other than that it's free.

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    As free software goes, it is as good as it get. It could do a lot of image editing function, need some getting used to as the function layout is different from PS. I used it before I get my CS3.

    The GIMP forum is a good source of info.

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    i do. it's free!

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    me too.. can not afford PS..

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP? kind of caught between GIMP and CS. I tried CS3 for 30 days and while its useful...i cant seem to find enough reasons to spend that kind of money on it. =( Sigh..

    Anyone else has any free ware which provide decent editing functions?

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    Picasa is another freeware.. but it's very basic in terms of editing. However it's good for organizing your pics and also doing quick basic editing like cropping and auto contrast and color.

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    And Paint.NET! I love Paint.NET (:

    Is GIMP completely free or is it trial?

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    Default Re: Anyone uses GIMP?

    i'm using gimp. its completely free.


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