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Thread: Kodak color profile is ... ?

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    Default Kodak color profile is ... ?

    Hi yea

    just developed a set of abt 60 pics at Photo Fren at Peninsula Plaza. But was really upset over the quality of print. Most r about underexposed by 1 stop. I've instructed them no correction to pic is required. Quite a few of them have inaccurate colors too (diff from my monitor)

    So .. my only conclusion is ... colour profile!! I know my monitor is calibrated in a way

    Does anyone know what's the colour profile used by the Kodak's machine?

    Using SRGB now for monitor and PS 7. I thk my 5700 and 717 use tat too.

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    Downloaded it from Popular Photography website several months ago before the website was revamped. PM me your e-mail?


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