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Thread: Help! TV jack/F pin

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    Unhappy Help! TV jack/F pin

    Hi everyone,

    can any1 help? My elder brother pulled the TV-jack/F-pin plug (i'm not sure is what) from (the internal of) the TV. There is now a hole in the TV and we tried connecting by pasting some wires to the back of the tv to the antenna cable, we can see some rough images. My elder bro is so irresponsible, just ran off and ignored this matter. My house TV is 29" and no warranty liao coz my mum didnt send that card.. And we dun want to buy new one.

    Can someone offer any suggestions?

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    if you're not getting clear images, then the antenna wires must have been completely severed...

    you'll have to get a repairman or a someone with electronics knowledge to re-attach the wires.

    i will have to caution you from tinkering with the tv internals, even if the unit is turned off, it retains high voltages that can cause serious harm...



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