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Thread: USA Cellphone Users, Help!

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    Default USA Cellphone Users, Help!

    I'll be re-located to the USA for an extended period and am thinking of buying a cellphone over there.

    After viewing many US network service providers I found out that there are several bands over there namely: CDMA digital, analog, PCS, TDMA, and GSM.

    Can anyone explain what they are? All I know is that US uses GSM 1900MHz.

    I was thinking of buying a triband phone in Singapore and bringing it to the US to use with the prepaid cards sold over there.

    Can anyone advise?

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    I think that it would be better for you to get the phone (with the package) in USA. Phones there are not expensive (but not as "advanced" as in Singapore i.e. might not have the newest models) but the plans are expensive (relatively same in magnitude as in Singapore but you pay in US dollars).

    If you want to call home (Singapore), you can always buy pre-paid phone cards e.g. SuperAsia, $5, can call for 3 hours+ (beware, think will deduct "maintenance fee" every fornight, thus might have less minutes if you hang on to it for some time after having started using it).

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    Thanks Fizzy. I assume you used a handphone in the US before? There are so many networks there, were you using the GSM network?

    Also, anyone know of a reliable service provider over there? Heard that T-mobile and AT&T were not bad.

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    Hi. Nope, never had a hp there. But did do some research. If I don't remember wrongly, most of the networks there don't usually use GSM.

    Btw, AT&T seems like the best (better coverage). Nonetheless, even AT&T might not be able to receive messages inside some buildings (friends' experiences in Berkeley, California).

    Which part of US would you be going to?

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    I'll be headed to Pennsylvania, but will be also going to New York. I heard AT&T and T-mobile has GSM coverage, but most other service providers there use CDMA and TDMA which I have no idea about the quality.

    Anyone know if hp bought in Singapore can use in the US? Prices for phones in the US w/o contract are much more expensive than here.


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