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    Hi i took this on gloomy day, but being new to DSLR i still learning how to get the belly of the plane brighter ?
    all the shots are original, only cropped and auto level adjusted on CS3.

    taken with 450D + Tammy 17-50

    i'm learning everyday as here in my country, my shops is near to the airport so the plane are passing directly above my shop, and mostly are army plane like hercules and such, but sometimes a few foker-F28 or boeing 737 air asia as well. i took the shots on the top deck of my shops.

    please guide me on what setting would be suitable to take those plane,
    thank you.

    Sony A6000 | SEL16F28|SELP16-50|SEL55-210|SEL35F18|

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    Sony A6000 | SEL16F28|SELP16-50|SEL55-210|SEL35F18|

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    How about using spot metering? This will expose for the plane but the skies will be overexposed. It's hard to get overall 'correct' exposure in such high contrast scenes.

    Other alternatives include shooting in RAW (gives you about a stop or two headroom) or HDR post-processing (use in moderation).

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    please take note of the posting guidelines

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