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    Quote Originally Posted by WuffRuff View Post
    I use M1 broadband too... It is very slow... seems slower than before...
    And quite frequently line dropped...
    What do you mean by "if u can get the base station"?
    How to get it? Or how to check where is the base station?
    Fast & slow is subjective, depending on what is your expectation. I want to clarify that I don't work for any of the telco company. Base station, I mean cellular base station, like your handphone connection. I will not proceed with this anymore because it seems to have a lots of angry users, and I am sure to get

    I generally use it to connect to my company VPN to download E-mail and surfing nets generally, not demanding on bandwidth speed, that is why I am ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayschampion View Post
    The free maxmobile service I think it is till end of this year. For those who recontract to maxonline plus plans, it is a 12 months contract. Currently, this month is May it left with 7 months of free maxmobile.
    Free Maxonline? U mean free when u sign up for the mobile plan is it?
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    wait for PC show in June 2008, heard got super promo from Red and Green camps.

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