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    How much are these flashes priced at?
    I'm not sure the exact price in SG but in HK, the ST version is 900 HKD and the Super is 1.8K HKD. Which should be around 160SGD and 310SGD respectively.

    As for whether to purchase the item and having the idea of selling it away later is up to individuals. I've gone through similar process while I was short in money. I bought the 500Super to start with. In fact that flash was a good buy. It has all manual functions that are so similar to the 580. The lack of GN 58 isn't a big deal. The only problem would be the recharging time and inconsistent flash. However, if you are in tight budget, you won't have a choice. Not everyone have the ability to afford a 580 as a start (including myself).

    I did sell away my 500 Super and now upgraded to 580. But that was after 2 years of using it.

    The idea here is, while you are saving up for the bigger gun, you can enjoy flash photography and start learning. Then you would appreciate the more powerful flash later on.
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