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Thread: Breaking News: Singapore's IDA removes mobile number retention barriers

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    Default Breaking News: Singapore's IDA removes mobile number retention barriers

    The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Saturday (21 June 2003) effectively removed the last barriers that have been stopping mobile phone users from switching operators - the ability to keep their original numbers when they jump ship.

    Currently, mobile phone users who switch operators but want to retain their old numbers face two hurdles - the need to pay a monthly recurring charge to keep the original line plus the inability to transfer SMS messages over to the new line.


    IDA has mandated that from 1 August 2003, operators should not levy a monthly charge for retaining the old number. From 1 Oct 2003, all operators must allow the mobile phone users to receive SMS at their retained mobile numbers.

    Dr. Lee also said that he expected the new changes to increase competition among the operators and to remove the "artifical barriers" that affect consumer choices. A recent survey doen by IDA, he added, showed that three-quarters of mobile phone users never change their mobile numbers and the most common reason cited for not switching were the current barriers.

    With the new rulings in place, Dr Lee expects operators to come out with more creative and innovative packages to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

    StarHub was the first to jump at the opportunity, issuing a statement just hours after Dr.Lee's announcement that it would make it easier for consumers to switch to its service by absorbing the monthly $8 recurrent charges with effect from Sunday, even though it is not bound to do so before August.


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    Hi everyone

    I would like to caution those who jump on the bandwagon w/o reading the fine print. I do know of a friend who's with Starhub now and he's damn pissed off cos he can't get a "upgrade price" on his phone even though after his 2 year contract with Starhub ended.

    The only option was to buy a full--price phone OR terminate existing line and get a discounted phone and a brand new handphone number.

    In the end, my friend just bought a full price phone (w/o any contract).

    If I'm wrong..pse do correct me..just my 2 cents worth

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    cool jason, good news man.

    it happened to me before. I was a m1 customer. but then, something wrong with my phone so i wanted to upgrade. but m1 said promotion period is over. the customer service man also don't want to explain any further. so i also won't bother to question any further. I went to a singtel shop and buy a singtel phone.

    so I called up m1 and tell them i want to cancel my line, then they said i can get a subline at a cheaper rate but I still has to subscribe to singtel.

    they very boliao, tot i very rich . so i toldl m1 just cancel my line.

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    anthony.phua. those plans are for new line or upgrade(same operator). so , it is your friend mistake for not checking .

    just think about it, why must be same operator? it is about profit.

    you won't find big toad jumping around the street. (cantonese )
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    IDA ===>

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    Yeah! Consumers rulez!


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