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Thread: Reposting - Wave crashing on rock

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    Wink Reposting - Wave crashing on rock

    Hi, I hope to get some tips on the photo I took at Labardor Park on Sunday. The intent of the photo is to capture the effect of wave crashing on the rock. I'm also trying out the effect of slow shutter speed. I'm looking for comments on the subject, the lighting and general comment on how to improve. Thanks!

    Hope this posting is ok @ Critique corner.

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    very nice catch, first things first, i have to say that i am pained when viewing this image, not because it is bad, but it is too large for web viewing pleasure on my laptop.

    please post up slightly smaller next time 800 longest edge is usually good for horizontals, and 650-700 good for verts.

    1) the focus seems a tad off - what sort of settings are you using? it is either that or diffraction (plus crop), or handshake. the rock SHOULD look sharper than that, and would look better sharper too. provide a sense of "grounding" amidst the torrentous motion around it.

    2) exposure of picture is a tad under, but this is easily corrected by processing.

    3) work to make the "splash" stand out amidst the torrents, also try cloning out the rock on the bottom left, not that hard when it comes to blurred water

    here i did some quick work on it, let me know if you want me to take it down. basically highlights and shadows were the most important step here, everything else is just minor tweaks

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    focus or handshake? look more like handshake.
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    Default Re: Reposting - Wave crashing on rock

    night86mare has mentioned that it could be due to handshake.. on top of (to quote) focus issues and diffraction..

    btw my guess will be handshake too..

    to threadstarter.. good try and good moment captured too.. but with better sharpness and clarity (of the rock) the pic will be much better.. try with a tripod next time? =)

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    Very good attempt. Interesting framing. As above, will be better if dof is set to capture more of the scene. And the handshake blur also add as an unneccessary distraction.

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    Bros, thanks for all your feedback. I didnt use tripod while taking this shots which explains the handshake.

    Night86mare, thanks for the touch up on the pic.


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