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    Me newbie

    I took this photo while I was helping out to clean a flat of an elderly whose house was ridden with bedbugs. I decided not to take photos inside out of respect and took this instead. When I decided to take this photo, the thing that came to my mind was : the bright sides on both end are like society to the poverty. Somehow, the light never reaches the corridor where they reside and they continued to live in poverty (darkness)...Any comments? Anything I could have done to make the photo reflects the message ...stronger?? Actually I think, something not quite right with the position I am standing at...

    Ok, changed to a bigger pic

    I also realised one thing...The moment I try to brighten up the dark corridor (by a little), I can start to see big square pixel forming...
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    the pic abit small

    repost the pic at 600dpi x 400 dpi

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    IHMO, the first thing that caught my attention is the Emergency numbers notice. The corridor is so dark that there is no details left. Without you telling the story, I wouldn't know it;s a corridor of some old HDB blks.

    Suggest that you move to the right, avoiding the wall and use long exposure to capture more details of the corridor. You will need a tripod but with more details, the viewers would be able to understand more on what you are trying to convey here.

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    Ya, the corridor is way too dark..I also feel so, till no details liao, tried to PP, but got worse..big big square pixels appeared...

    As for the sign, actually before that I was reading on foreground and background on a photgraphy I went out to test test, to see how it works... , ok, agree, think my focusing also got problem...should focus till I can see the details at the other end of the light??

    Brightened it..but still bad..haiz...thanks anyway, think a reshoot would be better
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    weird...cause your picture is damn contrasty. judging by the light. did u adjust the contrast such that u loss all the shadow detail? also in the background u also have lost all your highlight detail.
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    I just realised my biggest problem...not paying enough attention before I shoot...

    I left out a lot of considerations on the finer details...thinking PP is my parachute...

    Thanks for the comments, really appreciate that, will start to unlearn and relearn


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