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Thread: Diopter Adjustment . I dont get it ... whats that.

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    Default Diopter Adjustment . I dont get it ... whats that.

    I have a F80, read the manual..... played with the diopter adjustment thingy, still no idea what issit for. I read that it is for far-sighted people to use the slr without glasses on ? I took off my glasses , looked through the camera, adjusted the diopter, still blur. Hmm...... any one ?

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    You need to manually focus the lens (use a tripod) on an object, then remove your glasses and adjust the diopter adjustment knob until the lens appears in sharp focus.

    The range is limited and if you have really bad eyes (more than about 1.5 or 2 diopters from 'normal' then the adjustment won't work for you.

    Test the final settings with the lens focused in close, at mid and far distances.
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    The F80 diopter adjustment covers the range -1.8 to +0.8. Which means that if you are moderately short sighted(can't see far), about 180 degrees or less, or far sighted(can't see near), you can use the F80 without your glasses.

    I am short sighted on the eye I use for the viewfinder, about 175 degrees and find that when I set the dioptre fully to -1.8(all the way downwards), with my glasses off, things actually appear sharper in the viewfinder than with my naked eye.

    If you are seriously shorted or long sighted, then I'm afraid the built in dioptre adjustment will not help. Which is not a problem because those people will normally have their glasses on all the time anyway.

    Hope this helps.


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