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    Default Horizon@Evening.

    took this when the door "permitted" my roof access of my condominium when its security was overlooked. heavily edited with a very basic but extremely usable software - iphoto in mac.

    do feel free to leave your comments. looking to improve. specific instructions as to how to further better edit my photo will be much appreciated.

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    The overly, artificially red tone doesn't sit well with me. I'd rather something more natural and subtle, because the sky, in itself, has enough dramatic cloud detail to hold the viewer's attention; it does not require such an eye catching hue.

    I take it that this is a cropped photo? I feel you can include less of the foreground, as so much of it is clipped in the shadows already.

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    there's a lack of interesting (and perhaps identifiable) forms in the silhouette, resulting in the reddish hue looking like another effect for the sake of the effect. the neutral and uninteresting title gives no clue as to why you have deliberately tainted the entire picture reddish as well.


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