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    brought the 80-200mm to JBP for a walk, very hot day. Realised 80-200mm is so heavy, and have been used to 18-200 and 17-55, realised there is a missing range in the 80-200mm at the wide whenever I need it. haha.

    Anyway, here are few shots to pose for fun, help comment on anything you feel I should pick up. Hope to learn more from you folks. Thanks!





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    Nice pics... what time of day was it? Tripod? And specifically which 80-200 lens?

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    Hi Adept1,
    I went there in the morning and left about 1+pm. A tripod was used for Pic 4, the rest hand held. Hoped to stay longer to shoot but bird flight in action but no time.

    Nikon 2 touch, AF 80-200mm.
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