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    hi guys, i'm just curious. when i export an image from lightroom, it doesn't appear as it was edited in lightroom. for instance, in lightroom my final edit of the image is slightly brownish (think sepia), but when i export it, i get a slightly cold black and white look. even the brightness is significantly darker and i lose out on the details that can be seen in lightroom but not when it's exported.

    are there any settings that i can adjust to make my exports look exactly like it does in lightroom itself? thanks

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    I think that has to do with your color profile management. The color profile u are exporting to and also your viewer's color management. You need to check your monitor's color management too.

    Hope that helps. I am also abit confuse with this color profile/management thingy. It gives your different saturation and brightness.

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    thanks man. now i need to find a way to try to calibrate my monitor


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