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Thread: Do you watch The S-League?

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    Talking Do you watch The S-League?

    Honestly, I think it's quite interesting ley. Especially after they introduced the mandatory 'Beep Test' for all players, the game is a little bit faster than I remember it to be when it first started.

    People give it too much stick, more than it deserves. Although nothing like the Kallang Roar, the atmosphere at the stadium during match days is actually very festive. Pretty exciting even!
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    Default Re: Do you watch The S-League?

    I watch the very first match of the very first year of S-League after the Malaysia Cup exit, I think Balestier United vs Tanjong Pagar, IIRC.No more after that.

    Now, if really nothing to watch on TV, I force myself to watch just for 10 mins of any match dished out on TV b4 switching channel even if nothing to watch. The appeal is not there, even bring in the likes of Beckam, will not help either in the long run. Look at MLS in US.

    It's the affliation towards the S-league teams I guess. If I live in Telok Blangah who am I to support. EPL for example is different...only here the League needs foreign clubs to make the numbers and they keep changing at that. They need identity, we used to have some colourful coach, at least, like Venga of Woodlands or Jalal Talebi of Geylang United that went on to be coach of IRAN World Cup team.

    Now I only know some of our National team players and wonder why we have so many foreign imports in the National team.

    To be honest, our local players technical skill have improved a lot and not so much hype on "Star" player.That's good for local football. For the short 10mins that I watch, the game is much fast pace than b4, this maybe due to the beep test. But overall games played nowadays is more fast paced than decades ago.

    I believe most who follow S-league are the punters. We will only take notice if our national team goes to the World Cup. That's a huge feat but not impossible.

    Let's say we are used to be united in football during the Malaysia Cup days, that's the formula the S-League can Never emulate...
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