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Thread: i need some advices, pls help

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    Default i need some advices, pls help

    I like to learn how to take good shots so such events..most of my photos came out like that..

    when using AUTO, aperture already biggest at F2.8, but the shutter speed is too slow 1/20 without flash, with flash is 1/125. i don't wanna use flash coz it takes some time to restore the power for the flash, then din manage to take more photos..

    can some one advice on this? Like phototaking for such events? without the aid of tripod and flash? one thing i know is using higher ISO, and what else?

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    and pls also comments on the following to hear some tips and advices to take better photos..

    i prefer photos without flash, looks for natural, how can i achieve this, yet without tripod too?

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    Why don't you consider getting an external flash. Not only will the recycling be faster, you can do bounce flash, etc. After all. photography is all about controlling the light.

    There are ways of pushing underexposed shots through post processing but you will have to shoot RAW or TIFF and use programmes like NeatImage but the results are often not desirable.

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    if u r about 1-2 stops underexposed, can try using Level or Brightness/Contrast control in Photoshop to edit yr pics.

    Of cos if u try to push up too much, noise will be visible.


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