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    This is my first try on Sunrise. arrived a little too late to catch the red sky. a little "gabra" while setting up the equipment for afraid the sun will go away. lol.

    iso 100

    postprocess: photoshop with photomatix plugin

    composition wise, dya guys think i should crop away the buildings on the left?

    all your comments appreciated! Thank you.

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    The building on the left is having some tilt issue. Maybe you want to correct it. The ending of the water jet from the merlion is touching the edge of the platform, makes it feel like it is suffoacting there. Maybe you can give it some more room or space to distingish these 2 elements.

    My advice is that you can stay the same spot but you shift your camera slighty sao that the merlion can block the building on its right, giving the merlion a unqiue subject on its own and not trying to fight for attention with the background building it is clinging on to. At the same time you solve the issue of the water jet and give it more space.

    Just my thoughts.
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    I was at the exact location last week. My thoughts were that if you move and cover the buildings on the right, it will expose the ritz carlton on the left and to some extent, the spore flyer would be angled such yhat it becomes vertical.
    Frankly, with all the constructions and hotels around the area, its becoming ncreasing difficult to find a 'sweet spot' to cover everything.

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    The clouds dun flavour you... seems abit cloudy...
    i think the pic will be nicer if the sun was lower and there are less clouds covering the sun...

    composition-wise i think i would agree with legoz, since ur aim is to take the sunrise(if i am correct), the buildings seems to be a bit of a distraction, aim more to the right (by moving left?) and cover more of the sea and the horizon with the ECP in the background could produce a more compelling pic..

    Just my tots...
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    Thank you bros for all ur opinions.

    Yes, now it's mentioned, i believe the building on the right pose more distraction than the ones on the left. However, looking in retrospect on my vantage point, if i tried to shift left for the merlion to block away the building on the right, wouldn't it cause the water jet to "cut" the edge of the platform more? hmm..

    Apart from the buildings, after much staring at this pic, I find that there's too many elements (merlion, flyer, sunrise, clouds) and they are all fighting for attention. My intention that morning was to take pics of a sunrise, probably add just one element and isolate the rest probably will result in a better picture. any opinions on this?

    and lastly.. i realise there is some exposure problem especially the merlion that seems a little underexposed and the bottom left of the pic as it appears to be brighter. for this, i admit my bad.

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    sunboi was right... feek, the clouds came up and blocked the sunrise...

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    Think you've overdone the cloud detail a bit too much. Everything looks too dark, including the merlion. There is halo-ing around the merlion and buildings in the background. It looks like a polluted sky.

    Think you can go wider. Composition is rather awkward, partly because we don't see where the water trail from the merlion ends.


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