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    Hi,thanks for viewing this thread and answering my question.I want to start photography with a prosumer and can anyone tell me which prosumer is suitable for me?Preferably a few different brands and if possible can you list the specs or why are they good.They are list on how important they are to me.Lastly i don't want Canon S5 as my brother is using it.
    • My budget is about $400-500+
    • Marco AF about 3cm
    • Fast Shutter Speed
    • About 10 Megapixel
    • About 8x Zoom
    • Able Video and optical zoom while video
    • Not big in size
    • ViewFinder*

    *This is not very important

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    This is a link where I found it useful during camera hunting. There are some filters which you can use to narrow down your search.

    From your requirements, the first camera that came into mind is the Canon S5IS. Other than meeting your prerequisites (other than pricing), it is also one of the very few cameras that is a "half-cam-half-video cam" with dedicated button.

    You can overcome this cost issue by going to the Buy & Sell section.
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