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Thread: hometown toilet

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    Default hometown toilet

    Used PS to change the tone of the photo to sepia

    comments are most welcome

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    Very nice feel, sepia (or sephia?) is definitely a right choice. But it looks more like kitchen then toilet to me tho.

    Er.. just some suggestions, you might want to try using the burn tool, to burn the side, 4 corners a bit, so that it looks like more lights are focus on the center. If possible, crop the top and right side a bit tho, to exclude out the half bottle, or flash thingy.

    Just my 0.02 cents.

    Keep shooting!!
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    actually there are 2 toilets. the right door and the left door... hehe that was taken in my grandmother's house heh

    Thanks for the comments!

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    Originally posted by lightwave

    * togu clap clap clap

    I like!!!

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