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    Angry Shocker of the year!!!

    Austria in shock over incest abuse case
    Posted: 28 April 2008 1918 hrs

    VIENNA: Austrian police on Monday scoured a cellar at a house where a 73-year-old man described by media as a "monster" is accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering seven children.

    The incest abuse case is the latest in a series of horror abuse cases to have stunned Austrians and newspapers asked how authorities could again have failed to detect the woman.

    Josef Fritzl was arrested on Sunday and police are searching the house at Amstetten in eastern Austria where Elisabeth Fritzl and her children were kept in rooms in the cellar where the ceiling was just 1.70 metres (5.5 feet) high.

    The father is to appear before an investigating magistrate on Monday.

    Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, told police her father had drugged her in August 1984 and kept her in the cellar of the family home, regularly abusing her over two decades.

    The incestuous relationship allegedly produced seven children. The case came to light when one of the children, now 19, was admitted to hospital in critical condition.

    Doctors stepped up efforts to find the mother, looking for background medical information. The whole horrific story came to light when Josef Fritzl allowed them to establish contact with his daughter.

    The Oesterreich tabloid featured a six-page special report on what it termed as "the worst crime of all time." "How can this happen here?" asked Die Presse.

    "Amstetten is in a state of shock," wrote mayor Herbert Katzengruber on the town's website. "Our thoughts and feelings are with the victims."

    DNA tests are being carried out to establish if he is the father of the six surviving children three girls and three boys aged between five and 20. A seventh child, a twin, is believed to have died shortly after birth and the body subsequently burned, police said.

    The Kronen-Zeitung tabloid portrayed Fritzl as a keen fisherman, popular among neighbours and locals, but a "monster, a brutal tyrant" in the cellar of his own home.

    He legally adopted two of the boys and one girl, allegedly telling his wife, Rosemarie, and local authorities that three babies had been left by Elisabeth on their doorstep, in different years.

    Each delivery was accompanied by a letter purportedly signed by Elisabeth Fritzl saying she could not support the child because she already had others to care for.

    The trio went to school as normal, seemingly unaware that their mother and three other siblings (a girl of 19, and boys at 18 and five) were trapped underground.

    According to ORF national television, the mother and five children are now in hospital. All are being treated by a team of psychologists. Reports said the mother was physically frail and badly disturbed by her ordeal.

    Authorities were worried about the health of the mother and three of her children.

    Yet neither neighbours nor social services appear to have had the slightest inkling. "They had a swimming pool in the garden, we would hear them laughing, the three of them," said one neighbour.

    Another backed up the story of the babies on the doorstep, adding: "(Rosemarie) always looked after the kids so well, taking them to school. We said 'it's incredible what she manages to do at her age'."

    Elisabeth Fritzl told investigators her mother knew nothing about the sexual abuse she had endured since the age of 11, some seven years before she was locked away.

    Gerhard Sedlacek, a prosecution spokesman, said Elisabeth's accusations of kidnapping and incest were "credible".

    Austria's most notable prior case was that of Natascha Kampusch, locked up by a man in the basement of a house for eight years before she escaped.

    Kampusch was 10 when Wolfgang Priklopil abducted her on her way to school in 1998. The 44-year-old kidnapper killed himself hours after she fled, throwing himself under a train.

    Three young girls were also locked up for seven years by their mentally ill mother near Linz.

    - AFP/so

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    Default Re: Shocker of the year!!!

    Austrian incest accused admits abusing daughter
    Posted: 29 April 2008 1159 hrs

    AMSTETTEN, Austria: An elderly Austrian confessed Monday to holding his daughter - now 42 years old - captive for 24 years in a windowless dungeon and fathering her seven children, prosecutors said.

    Josef Fritzl, 73, who faces protective custody in the coming days, "admitted building the dungeon and to holding his daughter and three children there," prosecution spokesman Gerhard Sedlacek told AFP.

    Fritzl also admitted incest, "but insisted there was no force involved," said Sedlacek.

    Chief investigator Franz Polzer told a press conference Monday: "He admitted ... to moving her (into the cellar) by force, hitting her, locking her up against her will and he also admitted to repeatedly abusing this young woman -- his own daughter -- sexually."

    Fritzl was moved Monday evening from Amstetten, where he was initially held by police for questioning, to the court in nearby St Poelten where he is due to appear before a magistrate in the next 48 hours, a court official told AFP.

    He faces several more days of questioning over a case which has turned Amstetten, about 100 kilometres west of Vienna, into a global media circus.

    Fritzl's daughter Elisabeth has alleged she was drugged by her father in August 1984 and had been his prisoner ever since, giving birth to seven children in the "dungeon" he built in the basement of his apartment building.

    Fritzl legally adopted three of the children when they were still babies, allegedly telling local authorities and his wife Rosemarie, 69 -- with whom he already had seven children -- that his daughter had left them on the doorstep, with letters saying she could not support them.

    He had previously declared his daughter missing and said she had joined a sect.

    Elisabeth Fritzl and the three other surviving children, aged 5 to 19 and who had until now never seen sunlight, were kept in three cramped underground rooms.

    The seventh child died shortly after birth and Fritzl "disposed of it in the furnace of his building," Polzer told journalists.

    The case came to light after the eldest, Kerstin, 19, was admitted to hospital on April 19 with serious health problems.

    Doctors looking for medical clues launched a media appeal looking for the mother, leading Fritzl to let his daughter out of her cell.

    Photographs of the rooms, just 1.70 metres high and measuring "50-60 square metres in all," according to Sedlacek, were released by police Monday.

    They showed a well-furnished living area, with sink, shower, kitchen and two small bedrooms.

    But all this was hidden behind a reinforced concrete door that could only be opened with a numbered code and the prisoners' only contact with the outside world were a radio, television and video cassette recorder.

    This, ironically, helped Elisabeth Fritzl escape, after she saw the hospital's appeal on television and persuaded her father to let her out, Polzer said.

    Kerstin was still "critical but stable," hospital doctors said, without giving more details about her illness.

    Her mother and siblings are currently under psychiatric care. Elisabeth Fritzl looks 20 years older than her age, with white hair and a lined face, according to Polzer.

    "This case is unique in this country's criminal history," Franz Pucher, Lower Austria's police security chief told journalists.

    Polzer added there was "a wide range of questions that still need answering": how Fritzl fed his captives, how the babies were born and cared for in such cramped conditions, and how he could have incarcerated his victims for so long without his wife knowing?

    Elisabeth Fritzl told investigators her mother knew nothing of the sexual abuse she had endured since the age of 11, while the trio who lived with Fritzl and his wife went to school as normal, seemingly unaware that their mother and three other siblings were trapped underground.

    Neither neighbours nor social services appear to have had any inkling, either.

    This is the latest in a series of horror abuse cases to have stunned Austria, following that of Natascha Kampusch, who was kidnapped on her way to school in 1998, and held captive for over eight years in the basement of a house near Vienna before escaping two years ago.

    Three young girls near Linz, in northern Austria, were also locked up for seven years by their mentally ill mother. - AFP/ir

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    Default Re: Shocker of the year!!!

    DNA tests prove Austrian Josef Fritzl committed incest
    Posted: 30 April 2008 1003 hrs

    AMSTETTEN, Austria: DNA tests in Austria confirmed that Josef Fritzl fathered six children with a daughter he kept prisoner in a purpose-built cellar for nearly a quarter century.

    As the stunned local community of Amstetten rallied around his traumatised victims, the 73-year-old Fritzl appeared in court Tuesday to be remanded in custody.

    His daughter Elisabeth, 42, and her children were carefully shielded from public glare, undergoing psychiatric counselling to help them try to adjust after their unimaginable ordeal.

    More than 200 people including dozens of youngsters quietly placed candles on Amstetten's rain-soaked main square late Tuesday as the town of 23,000 sought to cast off the notoriety brought to their doorstep by Fritzl.

    "Shock, sadness, rage and perhaps also hatred have gripped us these last few days," pastor Peter Boesendorfer told those gathered.

    "We must acknowledge that there is something in our town that we cannot comprehend," he said, calling on residents "to help and show solidarity so that a life will be possible" for the bewildered children and their scarred mother.

    Investigators said DNA tests had shown Fritzl, a retired electrical engineer, was the father of six children born during Elisabeth's 24-year-long imprisonment below the pale grey house at Ybbstrasse number 40.

    A seventh, a twin, died shortly after birth and Fritzl has told investigators he disposed the body in an incinerator in his building.

    That admission could prove pivotal when the case comes to trial, with a prosecutor saying Fritzl would face a life sentence if found guilty of manslaughter, as opposed to shorter prison terms for rape or incarceration.

    Psychologist Paulus Hochgatterer, who is helping to advise those who are counselling the family, said the three children Fritzl had kept underground were staying in a sequestered treatment container that could be locked from the inside.

    Safely shielded from the media circus that has set up camp in Amstetten, he said their initial treatment could take several weeks.

    "Only very gradually are they being exposed to the outside world," Hochgatterer said, adding that "given the circumstances, they're actually doing quite well."

    Three children never left the cramped, dank warren where they were held captive and saw natural daylight for the first time when they were released this month.

    Another three children were legally adopted by Fritzl and lived with him and his wife Rosemarie upstairs, entirely unaware of their siblings imprisoned below.

    With the help of letters from Elisabeth, Fritzl apparently managed to convince his wife they had been left by their daughter outside their door.

    The two sets of children are now tentatively beginning to get to know one another.

    Two of the three who had spent all their lives underground "have a way of communicating that is anything but normal," added Berthold Kepplinger, director of the psychiatric clinic in Amstetten-Mauer.

    The youngest child, five years old, seems most able to adapt to his new life and was excited about being able to ride in a car, his carers said.

    Doctors would determine when police would be allowed to question Elisabeth Fritzl and the children, but that was unlikely to be for several days.

    Local authorities said they had made all the necessary background checks for the adoptions of the three children.

    Fritzl was reportedly convicted of attempted rape in the 1960s and of arson but the records were wiped after a period of time set by Austrian law.

    Social services had made 21 documented calls to the house, as well as undocumented visits, during which Fritzl was usually absent, said the head of the social services in Amstetten, Hans-Heinz Lenze.

    Nevertheless, social workers never noticed anything amiss.

    Letters found with the babies explaining that their mother could not take care of them gave the police no reason to search the Fritzl house, Lenze added.

    The district court in Amstetten, which must greenlight all adoptions, also insisted it had acted correctly.

    "There weren't any doubts about his (Fritzl's) integrity. Why should I put the child in a foster home, when it could grow up in a family," court president Josef Schoegl told the Austria Press Agency.

    Chief police investigator Franz Polzer said there was no sign that Fritzl's wife, who also had seven children with him, knew of the goings on in his locked dungeon.

    "It would go against all logic that a mother of seven children would help the father of those children to look after seven more children whom he had fathered with his own daughter," Polzer said.

    Nevertheless, police were trying to establish whether the man had accomplices who may have helped him build the cellar.

    - AFP/so

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    what in the world.
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    At first i tot the one at Austrailia is a shock liao ...... Father n daughter goin through media to tell pple to accept n understand them but this one really really sad bad mad crazy.....lost of words!


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