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Thread: Anybody been to Amsterdam & Utrecht?

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    Oh yes and one more thing, DONT take any photos in the red light district.

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    Default Re: Anybody been to Amsterdam & Utrecht?

    I went there with NTU few years back...pity I only took up photography months later...

    Anyway, DO NOT shoot in the red light district, there were be pimps running out to hoot you if you do that...I was warned by the tour guide.

    I'd suggest taking a train ride to the Centraal Station and take pictures of one of the oldest train stations around. Grab a city map at the train station or the airport, it will come in VERY handy.

    You can try the boat rides which will bring you to various famous places in amsterdam (guide provided) so that you can have a quick view around and it serves as a form of recce.

    Some of the places I went:

    A large outdoor square outside of the old palace. There are benches and there are ppl doing acts like miming and clowns...there are lots of pigeons too, you can see some ppl feeding them. So here very good for shooting human activities.

    There is is very towering old church, can't remember off hand the name, it also have a large outdoors square with many activities going on at the same time. You can climb the church tower (i didn't, no time...). Good view up there.

    Cause we had one full day to explore amsterdam on our own, my gf and I went to some attractions that others didn't visit like the Anne Frank's house and some other museums within the city. Rijksmuseum (sorry can't remember exact spelling) has a one of the best collections of famous dutch painters' work like Van Gogh. By the way, the Netherlands is famous for art.

    Simply saying, there are tonnes of things to visit there and shoot too, I'd recommend you take at least 2 days to explore, try day/sunset/night shoot if possible.

    Finally do take grab a coffee and idle at some of the cafes...see the passerbys go pass you and simply enjoy life!

    I'd very much one to go back there with my gf again in the future.
    Dun blame the camera...blame the one behind the viewfinder :bsmilie:
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