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Thread: poland and copenhagen - asking for inputs

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    Default poland and copenhagen - asking for inputs

    doing it the same way as the italy trip, but a bit more experience this time so quite a bit more confident. haven't really had got time to plan it down pat though, but the group is smaller this time, and more conducive for photography because while travelling members are not photographers much easier to bully, whee.

    had benefited greatly from the inputs last time, so i just thought i'd throw out a sourcing ball this time and ask for any things to take note of.

    the plan is to go to krakow first, 4 days there; if i'm not wrong auschwitz concentration camp is going to be a part of the program, being only 50km or so from krakow; along with the tatras (not sure if i spelt it correctly), hence the long period. a short stopover in warsaw for a day or so, before flying to copenhagen.

    any cannot-miss sights that might be missed due to lack of recommendation in the usual guides (lonely planet, etc)? also - any heads-up on the relative safety so can be mentally prepared would be appreciated too.

    thanks a million and cheers.

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    no one?

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    Hi, are u more interested in Karkow or Copenhagen? If it is the latter, I may be able to offer some ...

    1. The "Little Mermaid" - IMHO, it is really not worth seeing. It is like any other statues that you will see "everywhere" but much smaller than most would think it is.

    2. Tovoli (Theme Park)- IMHO, it is a rather "small" park and honestly, there is nothing much to see inside.

    3. Centrum (or Stroget)- Not much things to buy (I think you can get more interesting stuff in Singapore). Watch out for the con artists along the streets. They set up temporary makeshift gambling "den" to lure the potential victims by "making it so easy to win". I guess most of the gamblers who are winning are probably their own people. The thing that really impress is how fast they "appear and disappear".

    4. Sex Museum - Next to the only KFC near the sqaure. It can be actually quite interesting.

    5. Viking Ship Museum (almost 30 km from centrum) - If you like to see "broken and old" viking boats (which I am), it may be worth making a trip there. But be advised that there is nothing much else to see there.

    6. Amalienborg Palace- There is a Royal Guard Handing/Taking over parade everyday at noon. Quite interesting.

    7. Carlsberg Visitor Centre- Well, if you like the beer, you must definitely make a trip there.

    Well, I guess there are enough activities to keep you and the rest occupied for a couple of days. I hope the info helps. Have fun.

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    thanks for the inputs, samie.

    ah well, the headaches of planning a trip right after your exams; can't have your cake and eat it too.

    currently looking at krakow. looks like even 5 days there is not enough, whee.


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