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Thread: Some question on HDR

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    Hello everyone,

    I know this picture is a HDR with 6 exposure, (which this guy has already stated), but i would like to know what other processing is done to make this photo look so sharp/fake (?). The effects kinda look cool IMO, and I'm just curious to know how. Anyone out there can enlighten me?

    Thank you~

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    Probably just a sharpen and minor curves adjustment in photoshop.

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    this is done with a lot of layering work.

    and you are focusing on the effect, i predict another radioactive hdr producer in the near future.

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    Daniel is one of my flickr contacts. He does alot of digital blending with his exposures. Not sure but Daniel or his buddy Rags had a tutorial about digital blending on one of their photos. I'd have to see if I can dig it up or contact him.



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