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    Default dirty filter

    Hi all,

    I have a canon 50/1.4 with a UV filter on it which seems to have a bit of grease or I don't know what on it. I have rubbed and rubbed the filter with my lens cloth, and washed the lens cloth several times. But I can still see the effect of whatever is on my filter. When you take the filter off, it goes away. You can see the effect when there is a light source, maybe an incandescent light in the picture. Often a second image of the light will appear somewhere else in the photo, and that second image is usually green. It looks a little strange, like a ghost image or something, I don't know why it is like that. I am having trouble posting photos, otherwise I would stick a couple here for people to see.

    Do I just need to buy a new lens cloth or a new filter or anybody have some tips? I tried using some alcohol on one of those disposable lens cloths, but somehow, it's still there.


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    Is your filter multicoated? Is the greese the results of this multicoat?


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