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    Red face Printing through apple

    Hi all,

    Anyone used the Apple photo book service for printing before. I just ordered a picture book from apple, yet to recieve it. Its has almost 10 days, now i am not sure whether i made the right choice in printing through apple. Anyone has any experience with using the apple service. Are you happy with the results? Anything particular you like or dislike?

    Any other online service that you recommend for creating a book, portfolio etc.

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    I believe Apple book printing service is only for USA residents. THats what I read some time back.

    Not too sure, but don't think it'll work if you stay in Singapore.

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    it is now available to singapore. some have tried already with mixed feedback. if you print the book, it is done and shipped from US. should take about 2 weeks to reach you.

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    You could try Shutterfly, do take note that the finish product is more of a offset based printing (Like magazine) than colour prints. This method I feel gives the coffee-table book a more genuine look and feel. As printing is done in US, you can save a lot on postage using Vpost (Sing Post).

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    I do have a Vpost account.. So do I pretend to be a USA resident? So all i needa do is click submit and you pay through credit card? All will be settled?

    Sounds pretty easy..

    When it says mixed feedback.. do you know what are the common errors? or problems they are facing? Coz I am thinking of doing one myself too. Btw, how much is the cost?

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    Hi, I've printed before.

    The book is printed in USA. It takes them about 10 working days to post it here. Mine took longer due to some holidays in US. I complained via the website and they rushed another copy out. In the end, I have 2 copies of the same book.

    Be patient... it will come, someday...

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    Well, I did try the service and received them in 2 weeks.
    The cover page fold cracks.
    the print quality is lousy... Good luck.

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    I've been printing the calendars as Christmas gifts for my parents for a few years now. They are very well done. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

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    try blurb

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    I wonder if the TS ever got his photo book and if it was acceptable or not.


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