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    Trying some product shot to get a clean look and minimal shadow for the shot ..although there is some with soft shadow, try to eleminate by bouncing some light into the showdow but cannot leh . All photo taken with DIY light box with one main light on the left and 1 fill light on the right and 1 top light . the perfume one have a light shining from the bottim of the perfume to give it some glow. hope you guys can give me some pointer..





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    Hey nice lighting in #1 but it seems abit tilted and i can see the cut u made on the base?

    And if you are using a white base please take note of dirt on the base which is clearly visible in #2 and #4 but think that should be easily remove with PP. I am also playing with a DIY light box but your lighting seems better then mine btw #2 seems abit OOF to me.

    Keep it going

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    thanks for the comment will take note...yours look good too.
    keep shooting

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    These light boxes will not work with bottles, or anything round/longish and reflective because they pick up and reflect everything, including the shape of your box/cut-outs, black-hole etc.


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