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  • yes would drink if there is free stuff.

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  • only if im offered.

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  • no strictly no drinking. its bad form to drink!

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Thread: to drink or not to drink?

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    it is rude to refuse refreshment and food when offered. you should accept the hospitality even though you know that you will not sit through the whole dinner like in a wedding banquet. just take the seat and have a short rest, drink and a few nibbles. refusing your host's offer will make the situation awkward for everyone.

    but ALWAYS refrain from alcoholic drinks. you can drink to your heart's content after the event if you are offered. or maybe challenge the groom to a jug or two.

    if it has been overlooked and you are hungry because your event coverage cross over meal times, just ask politely for time off to grab some food on site or off site. most likely the organiser will arrange something for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bovine View Post
    I'm not sure about the photography industry but isn't it unprofessional to drink during (most) a job?
    if you are referring to alcohol, than it's applies to all jobs and industries including those who work in pubs or nightclubs.

    but of course, if you are a sommelier or if your job requires you to taste test alcohol, you have the management's blessing.

    having a quick sip of drink to quench one's thirst is acceptable but obviously it should be done appropriately.

    for instance, would it be appropriate to hold a glass of orange juice while you are standing up front at the stage waiting to take photos? i don't think so.

    you can always grab a drink during down time at the event.

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