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    NEW NEW to photography.

    Wanna ask if its worth it to get a

    Holga micro 110 @ 25 ( w/o counting film)

    and i wanna ask how should i go about having the photo taken in the holga to be transfer to my com ??

    if not worth it , what do you guys suggest, anyway i am REALLY REALLY NEW .. only know how to use digital cams
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    any camera is worth so long as you know what you're getting, and you're not just buying for the sake of buying

    not so sure about that format, but film can always be scanned and transferred onto cd by labs.

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    Hmm where can i get other kinds of holga?

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    perly or page one at vivo would have holga

    page one sells them very expensive though, but perly's sets are grey, i.e. no warranty

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    Flare up ...

    Lomo or Holga .. then come another qn what type what kind etc... ahhhhhhh


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