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    I have kits lens 18-55mm and zoom lens 55-250mm for my canon 400d. I am tempted to get the walkabout lens for example 24-105mm as it would be less troublesome as I do quite a bit on street photography and potraits. I still use zoom but relatively less frequent unless I zoom on high buildings or smtg but seems I lose some wide angle.

    If I get the 24-105mm, then my zoom would be sort of redundant. Should I get the 24-105mm lens? If not, any other lenses I can consider? I need advise. Thanks.
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    if you can get used to a prime, the 50 1.8 would be ideal for street and portraits..

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    I do have the 50mm potrait lens, but I use that mostly indoors. I would like one to do on the streets, meaning just a little of zoom would be sufficient.
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    My street photography, potraits and walkabout lens is EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L. The lens is sharp, not heavy to me, for street photgraphic is good to shoot from far away from the object. With your kit lens 18-55mm should be able to cover most of your shooting requirements.

    The kit lens will be sharp if you add 2 f-stop to your max f/stop, for example, at wide use f5.6, at tele end use f8 the result will be good and close to Canon L lens.
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