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    i guess sometimes when u go on shoots and ur walking and sweating and ur looking for something to take. you forget yo have fun. i always love to play around and simply play taking "random" shots. this shot was semi-planned. i knew the effect i was going for but didnt expect it to come out like that.

    edited in google picasa to up contrast and play a little with colours. its a picture of a fellow photographer. i liked the expression on his face (kind of what the F***) cos taking pictures in the hot sun can make one a little "giddy" and i was trying to capture that emotion enhancing it with the blur.

    may i know very simply does this work for you? why or why not. more specifically hows the colours and contrast.

    nikon d700 nikkor 50mm f1.4 nikkor 55mm micro ais f2.8 nikkor 35 f2 sb 600 sb800 leica m4

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    used a pns or DSLR..?? how do u turn the whole cam so fast??? impressive? any techniques?

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    err d80 lar with grip. the grip makes the cam more balanced out in terms of weight. shutter at 1/30
    nikon d700 nikkor 50mm f1.4 nikkor 55mm micro ais f2.8 nikkor 35 f2 sb 600 sb800 leica m4

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    alternatively can use photoshop..

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    eye catching pic this........yes it can be manipulated in ps i am sure ur random and semi_planned shot has turned out quite exciting to watch the expression caught on ur fellow photographer off hand is marvelousthe color and contrast are ok to me......

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    a fun shot.

    nonetheless, i thought the contrast here was a little overdone, to the point of too much detail lost in the highlights.

    also, despite "the blur", it is important to keep distracting elements which may distract from your subject. here the apparent lady in the background is still okay, but the bloke's shoulder? in the foreground is not.

    also, maybe you want to put your friend's face in the center to minimise the blur. either that or shorten the shutter speed.. i'm sure he'd look better than he does now, though the expression (what little can be gleaned) is priceless.

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    yes although agreed it can be done in photoshop, i dont have it at the moment so thus i resort to in cam.
    btw the shoulder is mine. haha go figure. i guess the distracting elements are due to the shot being semi planned. and i beg forgiveness.

    i used flash to ensure that his facial expression can somewhat be seen otherwise it would have been gone or lost to the swirle like the girl and the trees. the best way to freeze ones subject without it having the blur is to ensure ur subject is about 2 stops under your background maybe even more. then use flash to iluminate. a technique i borrowed from club photography.
    nikon d700 nikkor 50mm f1.4 nikkor 55mm micro ais f2.8 nikkor 35 f2 sb 600 sb800 leica m4


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