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    as a partime actual weddng photographer,how to edvertise and where to advertise is a good way?

    i know some advertise at forum at cs,wpja and singapore brides,but it realy useful and value it??

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    The question here is :

    [1] What's Your Objective in buying an Ads Space / Listing or PPC (Per-per-click) Advertising ?

    If you are looking at getting direct response from the ads, and making a sales conversion, then think again.

    The response rate is relative to a few factors:
    [1] Web Traffic ( unique vistorships )
    [2] Target Market / Audience
    [3] Competitions

    What's your expected ROI on the ads investment ?

    If you are looking at Long-term Branding strategy, then go ahead.

    But if you are thinking of getting good conversion rate ( in the short-term ), you might make it provided you are very good at it ... if NOT you are just throwing darts at a fast moving target.

    I used to say, "When everyone trying to get in, it's time to get out !"

    Having said that, you might want to go ahead and try some of these ads, and learn the experience for yourself ... that's the way to understand and grow.
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    I would suggest you use the Wedding board in CS to promote your work. There are some very successful photographers who have showcase their work in CS wedding board and get famous and jobs. Much better than just a banner linking to your site.

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    I don't bother to advertise at all. Word of mouth has served me well all this while.

    To put some points in a different way : its how you choose to position.


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