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Thread: CBD Skyline in HDR

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    Default CBD Skyline in HDR

    Hi, just to share my very first HDR image. Really looking for comments and feedback to help me improve. Would appreciate suggestions and critique from HDR shooters/experts. Feel free to point me to URLs that will illustrate your point and help me to learn better and faster.

    CBD skyline, 22nd April

    Background info:
    • 4 images HDR merged (used jpegs)
    • tonemapping done in Photomatix
    • Shadow & Highlights in PS

    • Will the colour banding in the clouds be resolved if RAW files were used (due to higher bit-depth)?
    • Any suggestions to help improve my workflow?

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    Default Re: CBD Skyline in HDR

    i think you can dump the top jpg (the most overexposed one)

    your highlights are too high, try it and see how it does

    there is no color banding issue, it looks like noise problems, probably due to long exposure.. this is one reason why i rarely do night hdr unless the exposure isn't too long. did you turn your noise reduction on when shooting jpg?

    otherwise, i like this picture, the main problem here is the highlights being still blown, and the noise in the clouds

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    Default Re: CBD Skyline in HDR

    Hi Night86mare,

    Thanks for your feedback. Couldn't do without the overexposed one, but I added a fifth frame which was way underexposed to compensate for the highlights. As for the colours, decided to go for a more natural look in the updated image, as shown here:

    This time, RAW files were used.

    • Should I increase the exposure for this image?
    • What else could be improved in terms of HDR processing and tonemapping?
    Photos we love. Yeah! :cool:

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    Default Re: CBD Skyline in HDR

    nope, this one looks pretty good to me in terms of exposure

    you can probably still tweak the wb and saturate the colours a little:



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