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    Dear all crtiics,

    I would like to seek your sincere critics about this photograph so i can further improve my photography skill. Thanks

    I taken this close-up shot because i wanted to bring out the feeling of strength and tranquility from the different types of bamboo and i doubt i had achieved it.

    The below mentioned are the questions that i keep asking myself until i had found this forum and CS of course, had been a great help to me when i read and understudy through the articles.

    Questions that i keep asking myself...

    Is the close-up shot of the bamboos have sufficient balance ?

    How strong is the centre of attraction ?

    Are the lashing distracting ?

    Good Day !
    Dwayne Tay

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    hey this type of bamboos are a first for me i thinkas this is a close up shot,and totally of bamboos of all shapes and sizes, importantly of same color thorough out,so i guess to have that delicate blurr behind the big fat bamboo,with a big holeis actually not helping the pic at all i wud prefer a total sharp pic all over,so i can take my time checking out all the shapes and sizesbalance is good.there is nothing at all in the pic to distract a viewer,frm those mighty looking bamboos.

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    Thanks Newlife for the piece of advice. I will take into consideration for my next close-up take.


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