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    Anyone can share with me their experience with Profoto and the support (or the lack of it) from Shriro? I am tempted by the AcuteB 600R but i should be buying more useful stuff with the money really ...

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    no one knows?

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    hey.. i just thought if u might be interested to share and get it from US or something.. not sure if it'd be cheaper.

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    Well, it's small (relative to other batt pack / head systems), pretty powerful, doesn't look as rugged as the Elinchrom Ranger, works as advertised, idiot-proof (although the dual power switches get some getting used to).

    Fits into a Stormcase 2200 or its Pelican equivalent (or is that the other way around... heh heh). The supplied disc reflector is rubbish and the umbrella receptacle in the head doesn't like my Westcotts...

    Slung on shoulder (not mine...). I've since improvised some camera bag padding, the box banging against your hips hurt after a while.

    Biggest Pro - 'Run and gun' style photography possible.

    Both shot with Magnum reflector, first in 9am sun, full power, f/13, the second in the shade, f/3.2-4, 1/3 power.

    Biggest Con: Pricey, reflector and grid costs about $800.


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