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Thread: Buying 2nd hand film slr

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    Default Buying 2nd hand film slr

    hi, i'm buying a 2nd hand film slr but, it being my first time with film, i have no idea what to look out for. any suggestions? thanks

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    Default Re: Buying 2nd hand film slr

    make sure everything works

    also check the sponge on the film door for light leaks

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    Default Re: Buying 2nd hand film slr

    You didn't mention what type of film SLR. Some brands/models have specific quirks and problems, while some are just workhorses.

    Here's a good, brief guide:

    Search further for more specific models/guides.


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    Default Re: Buying 2nd hand film slr

    hi, thanks for the help! i'll probably be getting a Nikon F80 or F100. anything i should be particularly aware of?

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    Check all main functions are working well, no cracks of any sort on the body, no LCD bleed for the LCD panel. Check the AF works, mirror is clean, light seals are alright. These are recent film SLR models, so you shouldn't run into major problems.

    For piece of mind, make your way down to reputable second hand stores like TCW, P&G and the like. Most can be found at Peninsular Shopping Center, next to Funan. Ruby is located at Peninsular Shopping Center as well, so after you've picked up your camera, you can head down there to get some film to start shooting!

    f/8 and be there.


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