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    Hi pals, got to trouble you all again and seek your good advise. I was asking last week which brand of rechargeable batteries would be good. Looks like I will settle for the Powerex but went Funan last week no stocks for the charger. Went back today and realised got few models of chargers to choose from for Powerex. May I know which one I should go for? What are the differences as the boxes like not much details too. And do you all usually go for the charger that can charge 4 AA batteries or better to go for those that charges 8 AA at one go? Thanks in advance.
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    Oh forgot one thing. Think I saw 3 different models, there are 2 models that charges up to four AA-size batteries, one cost around $49, the other around $63. Then there's another bigger model that charges up to eight AA-size batteries, that one cost around $130.
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