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Thread: Ever wonder what the girl might be thinking?

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    Default Ever wonder what the girl might be thinking?

    Hi to all moderators and forum users.

    I am new to SLR photography and recently my brother bought a brand new Nikon D40x camera. Being interested in photography, i brought it out one afternoon to give it a test run. Before that, i mainly used P&S cameras to take my photographs.

    Of all that i've taken so far, i feel that this shot describes the best what i felt i was trying to capture at that point in time. (Activity and the vibrancy of a child's life) This was taken at Vivocity during a weekend afternoon.

    Till now, thinking of what the girl is thinking about still baffles me. Perhaps, moderators and users can comment on how this picture might be improved upon as i feel that the composition of the picture is somewhat "dull" in that the girl is looking at the girl in the background, but she isn't exactly doing anything interesting as well. But the fact that the girl standing looks curious is highly baffling to me!

    I am interested in taking portraits and such impromptu glimpse of life in and around me and being new and absolutely clueless about what entails a good shot composition as well as the settings involved to make it work, i would appreciate all comments and honest feedbacks.

    Another point to note is that i have not PS-ed any of my shots. The only editing i do is on the camera itself, post-shot. =)

    Taken with Nikon D40x, Kit lens. Can't really remember the shutter speed as well as focal length as it was taken a few weekends back. =)

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Ever wonder what the girl might be thinking?

    Confusing statements here, "Activity and the vibrancy of a child's life" but you feel the composition is dull and ask for improvements. Maybe you can fill us in on what was happening since you were the one who was there and not us.

    Good shot composition is many a thing. I like to refer people to this site, it should help out a lot. However, at the end of the day, the photographs you take should hold meaning. A reason you took the picture, a reason you like the picture. Other people might be able to sympathise with you, or they might not. It doesn't matter either way, just as long as you can justify it to yourself.

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    i like two things about u ur interest to get the pic right while clicking and not in PS, and u do have a eye for photography had this pic been one of the pics from a theme called "glimpses of life" all ur questions wud have been answered.its a unusual composition,but very effective to hold the viewer attention or couriositycz i am as curious as u to know wats happening.what is she thinking?y is that back ground girl sitting or has fallen? is she safe if she has fallen?.........too many questions and no one to answer them but U

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    Thank you for your feedback and advice foxtwo!

    Well, i was walking around taking pictures of the children playing with the water sprouts and running about, then the girl on the right somehow ran (not literally but she was around the area) into position and started looking at the girl sitting got me curious and i took a snap of the scene.

    My main intention at that time was to capture children and their usual playing stuff, but somehow managed to capture a somewhat (in my humble opinion) contradiction of sorts, in that despite the vibrancy of the scene i was at that time, there were still quiet moments. This is in contrast to the many water sprouts around her and her wet messy hair that suggests activity.

    Dull because i felt though it brougth forward the contrats, the girl sitting down wasn't doing anything particularly interesting, and that is the reason why the girl standing looking at the girl sitting down is rather curious to me. I keep wondering what the standing girl might be thinking.

    Thank you for your feedback and i will look at the website to improve upon my shot composition! I appreciate it! =D
    "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Default Re: Ever wonder what the girl might be thinking?

    Thank you for your positive feedback newlife! I appreciate them. =D

    The reason why i tend not to use photoshop is because i am not very proficient in it. Thence, i like to adopt a "one shot one kill" mentality when i take shots....Although i do agree photoshop does make pictures look more vibrant, and we can specifically choose the kind of effect we wish to portray, raw photography i think has it merits as well....=)

    Thank you! =)
    "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."
    Friedrich Nietzsche


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