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Thread: First attempt HDRin' a portrait shot ;)

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    Default First attempt HDRin' a portrait shot ;)

    sorry did not hire any model or whatsoever, just trying out my new powershot S5 IS on my sister. Did 3 exposures and tonemapped it. after 1 hour of tweaking, i chose this to be the final output.

    Please gimme tips which scenario would a hdr be great? when theres more light, more subject?

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    Default Re: First attempt HDRin' a portrait shot ;)

    She looks like she has some sort of disease, really bad. HDR on people is much harder than normal landscape HDR shots (or so ive found) At the moment, you dont have enough dynamic range to make doing the HDR worth while, and you have also made her look relaly bad, the bad skin tones, the ghostly eyes. Try outside, have a great colourful background with lots of shadows and highlights and try again. I think u ll see the difference.

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    Default Re: First attempt HDRin' a portrait shot ;)

    the only form of hdr which can work would be dave hill's variety

    or when you ahve a reason to do it, i.e. you wish to bring out textures in a bride's very white gown, or say you have her against the sun

    even then, i don't think i'd use photomatix or any automerge, would be much better to use layers and slowly work it over.


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