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    how to create a light painting... like what's the settings should i use and how to create the painting.. thanks...

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    light painting?

    you mean like writing/drawing stuff with lights?

    well, you need a tripod for sure.

    then your settings would roughly be something like that

    ISO: 100
    F stop: f/22
    Shutter: on Bulb mode

    then you'll need a torchlight, or some other light source.

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    You'll need some place with total darkness to do it.

    Haven't got the chance to try out yet.

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    theres no specific settings to set.. you just need a long shutter speed, adjust accordingly to how long you need to write..

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    here is how i did it

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    u can probably use any shutter speed and aperture depending on how long u intend to create the pattern for, and how bright ur torch or light source is.

    if ur planning on using a strobe, then go for a smaller aperture. do use the lowest ISO though, as the long exposure might already make the pic quite noisy

    experiment with different coloured lights, reflective objects, and play around with ur WB setting

    its best not to use bulb if ur gonna do the shot urself or if u dont have a remote control for the camera; unless, of course, ur shutter speed has to be very long


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