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Thread: Do you buy AppleCare Protection Plan ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by contaxable View Post
    Guess its all about batch faults. Hence good manufacturers do recall their units for free repair. So far most of my comp lasted me 4 to 7yrs. No DOA and i had been lucky. The only unlucky incident was on an MBP when it was almost brand new. Still, I twist it back in shape and use it thru external monitor connection.

    Nothing is that bad. Nothing except some unknown brands or Packard Bell of the past i reckon.
    Packard Bell was the worst and why NEC bought the company, I'll never know. Around 1994, I was tutoring someone on how to use a computer and she had some overpriced Packard Bell machine. After we had finished, she happened to baby sit the neighbour's child one day and he pressed a magic key combination that erased the BIOS because the company hadn't bothered to pay for/install a final version. Her machine was instantly unusuable.

    I've had a few small problems with Apple machines but overall, computers have been reliable, including my 1981 Atari 800, which is likely still able to run. I have some of the equipment connected to a more powerful 128 KB machine to play games.

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    thank you all for your votes and comment.

    serves a good reference, close this thread for now.

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