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Thread: Photography Courses?

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    Appreciate some advice.

    I would like to sign up for some basic photography lessons and have seen there are several places that offer them, eg. Objectifs and Knowledge Bowl. Any recommendations which are better?

    Also I currently do not have a DSLR, but just a prosumer(i think) camera and i notice that Objectifs have SLR as their pre-requisite for their basic courses. Would it make sense to get an affordable 2nd DSLR for lessons?

    Glad to hear from anyone with advice.


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    dun tink its a good idea jus to spend $$$ to buy a DSLR jus to attend class.

    of course, a DSLR can be more flexible and allows easier control. but there is no reason why a prosumer cant produce good pictures.

    photography is one thing i believe can be learnt quite well w/o a former instrustor.

    important is to know the basic correctly and then dun bother too much abt technical aspects and focus on vision and shooting.


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