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Thread: Innocent photographer or terrorist?

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    i think the uk is really being too alarmist about it; everytime i take extreme pains to avoid pointing my camera at a child when i'm there; when i first went there i was told specifically by many uk photographers about this fear of paedophiles. where i live is very near regent's park, there is this very interesting playground there, but i have never been able to get it deserted, so no pictures from there.

    then there was the terrorist act which allowed police officers to stop people and take down details of where they lived etc.. that was still fine, i encountered it first and mentioned it here before.. in fact it was a pleasant experience for me although i was bemused and i did have a good chat with the officer who stopped me.

    then recently they keep putting up new drives about these. i have no idea why these are being done. the safeness of london is definitely threatened less by photographers and potential terrorists as compared to many trouble areas - the emphasis does seem a little unfounded to me. but like some have said, photographers are still a relative minority in the country. we can express our unhappiness, some will arrange protests, but life goes on and the majority rules.

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    If I were I terrorist or a spy why the heck will I be using a huge DSLR, huge flash, tripod when there's such an invention called pinhole spy cam?

    What's next? Prosecuting street painters and people sketching? Street sketching. It's not as popular as photography, but who knows...

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    Another report on this campaign, with the posters used:


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