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    Need advice. Does the sunny f16 rule work in most cases on the DSLR?

    Depending on whether one sets +-1/3EV or +-1/2EV, using ISO 100, differing results are obtained using 1/90s and 1/125s on Av.

    It worked under strong sunlight in this case. In this case, if I followed the cam's settings, I would have underexposed.

    Sometimes, it doesn't work...underexposed as I try to stop down to f22 and adjust the shutter accordingly. Does the sunny f16 rule work in most cases on the DSLR? I know that in snowy, mostly white subjects need to open up 1 stop.

    Can anyone kindly enlighten me?


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    Sunny 16 rule only applies when you are metering a mid-tone subj on a sunny day (2hrs after sunrise up to 2hrs before sunset).
    If you meter on the yellowish part of your subject, since its lighter than the mid-tone, it should give you faster shutter speed when your dial F16 on Av mode.
    To test if your metering works properly, dial F16 1/125 and ISO100 then point your cam to a mid-tone color (green leaf, or gray card). If you half-press, it should give you zero exposure/meter reading.


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