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    Hi All, would like to check if there is any adaptor for the older film lens for pentex to be use on the new canon series. attached a few pictures of the lens for viewing thanks..

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    there is pentax to eos adapter, but cost $30+ w/o af chip, alot more if have af chip.

    question is, is it worth it? do u have many good (as in sharp, contrasty and good color) "K" mount lens?
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    hmmz have quite a few lens like 4 - 5 belonging to my uncle.. he is no longer shooting anymore as his pentax is spoilt. so passed me all the lenses..
    do you know where can get the adaptor for that ? Asked in one shop in Penisular today but they do not have that..
    without AF Chip is fine as that could be a good thing for me to learn as i just pick up not long ago.. still learning..

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    looks like manual lenses to me....

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    ya it is a very manual lens.. need to even adjust the aperture on the lens itself ... is there any shops that would be selling such adaptor?

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    hi tianz, you can try these guys:

    they don't seem to have the adaptor u need at the moment, but you could order one thru them i guess..


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