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Thread: Merlion Night HDR Shots

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    Default Merlion Night HDR Shots

    And so the whole world sees this to death, commercial, ad, typical tourist shot, posters, whatever. heck.

    Anyway here it is in HDR:

    With photomatix, all adjustments as per mentioned by nightmare86 on the flickr site.

    Seems more realistic than the ones I did with photomatix, because of the lower saturation. Close to a bus stop poster. lol.

    From top of Esplanade with photmatix, same setup

    These are my first few hdr. quite pleased that it at least came out aligned. lol. however a few issues.

    1) This greenish blue cast on most of the colour. Is it about my white balance or do i have to do something about it with the color temperature? I did slap the temperature setting to the left, but that was to get rid of the reddish that was ever present in the picture. The green association with some of the highlights seems to be dominantly present.

    2) on the sea you can see some disruptive artifact, also near certain shadows and what not. can that be removed? and was it all about the setting or the way i took my source?

    what could be improved?

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    oh, and a shout out to king2penn and nayang jc photo club, wishing you ownage for your contests~!

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    Default Re: Merlion Night HDR Shots

    please read and understand the posting guidelines before making a post in Critique Corner


    thread closed.


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